How do I place an order

Next to the picture you will see an “add to cart box”
Click this and choose your size from the drop down list. Click on the one you want.
You will be given a choice to continue shopping- i.e. go back to the galleries and choose more pictures or to check out.
To check out, you will be taken to pay pal where you choose your payment method, and pay.
This generates your order. You will receive an e-mail within 24hours to confirm your order.

How long will it be until I receive my order?
Approx.10 days after placing the order

Print quality
The photographs will be sharp like those in the slide show on the home page.

Picture quality on the web site
Pictures are slightly less sharp on line for copyright protection

Can I reproduce your picture?
Generally the answer is Sorry no.
You may however be able to purchase a licence for specific usage, for example corporate brochures. Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements. Contact

See individual gallery

Postage Costs
Based on cost of items and weight
SINGLE face book images free postage. PLEASE order as single items.
Multiple facebook images £1.25 admin
Goods up to a value £9 postage £1.25
Goods to value £9.01-35 postage £2.25
Goods to value £35.01-£49.99 postage 3.45
Goods to value £50.00-upwards Free postage

Framed Items
Please ContactBothsides to get a price

NB Facebook
if you wish to use images for face book please order an electronic copy of the image. Please do not copy images without permission!